How Much Does Tinting Car Windows Cost

There are a lot of reasons why you may want to consider car window tinting. Besides the common protection from harmful UV rays, car window tinting can also bring several other benefits including lessening eye fatigue, increasing efficiency of air conditioning, reducing heat inside the car, and reducing interior cracking and fading. With all these benefits and probably a lot more, tinting car windows will always be worth it. This article will give you an idea on the cost of tinting car windows today.

The Cost Of Tinting Car Windows

The usual cost of window tinting ranges from $150 to $250.

The quoted price includes labor (installation) and materials (standard film).

Factors To Watch Out For When Tinting Car Windows

Film. There are basically different kinds of films being used for tinting car windows. Your choice of film for the job will affect prices here. The above-quoted price uses a standard non-reflective film. Getting a different kind of film can make the tinting job more expensive.

Warranty. The length of warranty a company gives to the tinting job against peeling and bubbling can also affect prices. Offers of a one-year warranty are usually cheaper as compared to lifetime window tint warranty.

Size. The surface size of the window to be tinted can also determine car tinting prices. Trucks have less window surface than SUVs so tinting truck windows will be cheaper than SUV window tinting.

Additional Costs

If your car’s windows have an old tint, you have to pay for a tint removal. This can cost you around $25 extra.

A tint upgrade (colored, metal, hybrid) will also cost you extra.

Types Of Auto Window Tints

Auto tint shops usually carry more than just one type of film for auto tinting. However, you must take note that you don’t have to settle with the cheapest or the most expensive. What you have to choose is the one that will match your needs as well as your budget. But basically, it is best to choose the best window film that your budget can afford. Here are a few types of window films and how they differ from each other:

Dyed Film. This is the least expensive of all types of films used for auto window tinting. The film is dyed with a tint that absorbs heat instead of really blocking it. However, this does not last long because just after a few months of use, it can fail, peel, or fade already.

Deposited Film. This is inexpensive as well but slightly pricier than dyed film. This film is made of a vacuum insertion of copper, aluminum, and nickel-chrome that can effectively block UV rays and heat.

Sputtered Film. This is made of argon ions applied to the metal, disbursing uniformly across the film. Though this film is thinner, it has a higher reflectivity. However, this is one of the most expensive window films for auto tinting.

Hybrid Film. This is by far the most expensive of all films for auto tinting. Making this kind of film is very complicated as it contains both dyes and reflective metals.

 Some Tips When You Plan To Tint Car Windows

Car window tinting rules vary from state to state. Find out what type of tinting your state allows.

If you bring your car for your trips outside of your resident state, make sure that the type of film you use for window tinting is allowed in all states.

Questions To Ask An Auto Tint Shop

Choosing a good auto tint shop is very important to ensure the best job for your car window tints. Here are a few questions you may want to ask a shop prior to hiring them for the job:

  • How long have you been in the business?

A good auto tint shop must be in the business for at least five years at the same    location. This will show you that the business is stable and you can expect the   shop to be there if anything happens to the tint they will be installing for you in the future.

  • What film types do you offer?

A good quality tint shop carries a complete line of window films for cars from       various manufacturers. A shop with a complete line of films can help you choose     the right film for your unique requirements for tinting.

  • How much warranty do you offer?

Basically, the warranty you get depends on the kind of film you choose. But, you   must choose a film that will offer lifetime warranty for both materials and labor.

  • Can I see your tint shop?

Visiting the shop is essential as it usually tells you whether or not the shop will service you good. A good shop will be more than happy to invite you over to let you see them at work and offer you good customer service. One thing you must look out for in a shop is that it must be clean and must be held indoors.  Outdoor tint shops are not a good pick because it is very important that dust and dirt from the windows are removed prior to installing the window film. If you get  a chance to see a car that the shop has just tinted, better check for the quality of the shop’s work. Make sure that the shop applies a film in a single strip rather than cut strips.

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